Play Cards And Kill Zombies In This New Mobile Game

by Brian Albert on May 31, 2013 at 09:30 AM

Put away your crossbows, everyone. Shelter has arrived on mobile devices, and it’s brought with it the newest weapon of zombie destruction – the collectible card.

Illustrated in a graphic novel style, Shelter uses a strange combination of card combat and castle defense gameplay. Throughout five levels you build decks and use them to fend off the undead, all while searching for the woman you love. 

Developer Survivalist Games promises nuanced strategies, determined by which cards you choose. Do you want to stock up on heavy weapons, or would you prefer to fortify defenses and plant traps? 

Shelter is available for $1.99 on iOS and Android stores, $.99 on Windows Phones, and $2.26 on Google Play.

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31 May 2013, Preston– UK – With an incredible, eye popping visual styling, Shelter by Survivalist Games is available now from the Apple AppStore and GooglePlayStore.

Shelter is a collectible card duelling game, set in a zombie graphic novel style. Playing like a hybrid of a collectible card game and the castle defence genre, Shelter offers players countless hours of addictive and challenging game-play.

Think you have what it takes to defend yourself from the zombie onslaught?  Fight to be reunited with the woman you love by defining your strategy, but be warned...

...You will NEED to adapt to survive.

The inspiration for Shelter comes from the desire to combine the complex, rich and engaging gaming mechanics of collectible card duelling games with the simple accessible game-play of the castle defence genre.


● Deep but accessible game-play. Easy to learn. Hard to master.

● More than 100 game cards.

● Integrated deck builder for deeply customisable play.

● Graphic novel & comic inspired hand drawn artwork.

● Compelling story and characters.

● 5 Campaign levels including a free roaming level (with more to come).

Shelter is an asymmetric single-player card game where you build a deck of duelling cards and take them into battle against a zombie deck that “plays itself”. The zombie deck is not controlled by a hideously complex AI, but plays based on a simple set of rules with dice rolls to add the element of chance. You must fight off the waves of zombies before they smash your shelter’s barricades and start munching on your brains.

You choose your survival strategy when you build your deck. Do you pack as many guns into your deck as you can? Do you use traps and reinforce your defences? Do you stun stronger zombies and pick off the weak ones? You have the freedom to play as you want.

As you win duels, you will be rewarded with new cards to work into your deck and streamline your play style. You will also meet allies throughout the campaign who you take into battle with you. Each ally brings 5 themed cards to the table that allow you to experience different styles of play.