The Undiscovered Country Of Crysis 3's DLC

by Matthew Kato on May 30, 2013 at 04:51 AM

Despite Electronic Arts shaming Crysis 3 for lower-than-expected sales in a recent earnings call, the game is still giving fans more of the game thanks to the Lost Island DLC.

The game takes place on a undiscovered island near the Philippines, where an unknown alien entity has been discovered. Naturally, all hell breaks loose as CELL and rebel forces fight to control or destroy it. Apart from this extraterrestrial intrigue, The Lost Island DLC also features new weapons, four maps, and two new multiplayer modes – Frenzy and Possession.

The Lost Island DLC comes out on June 4, and will be $14.99 for PC and PlayStation 3 fans, and 1,200 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.

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