The Last Of Us Season Pass Lets You Pre-Purchase Three Planned DLC Add-Ons

by Kyle Hilliard on May 29, 2013 at 04:14 AM

The Last of Us is getting at least three expansions by way of DLC. One of those will be a single-player content, and the other two will add new multiplayer content. This is the first time Naughty Dog will be adding single-player DLC to any of its games. We still don't know how the multiplayer will work in The Last of Us (it's not co-op) but the two multiplayer DLC packs will add, "multiplayer maps and other expansions." Naughty Dog is promising more details on The Last of Us' multiplayer soon saying, "It’s an experience that continues the themes, tone, and tension from the single player campaign and we can’t wait to tell you more about it."

By purchasing the season pass, which is $19.99, you will also gain access to a number of extras including faster crafting, healing, and reloading on the 9mm. You will also be able to carry more rifle ammo, and watch Grounded, a 90-minute documentary on the making of the game.

You can pre-order the game through normal retail channels, but Sony is also taking pre-orders from players who want to download the game on day one directly to their hard drives. The game will have a special installer so that you can start playing The Last of Us once your download reaches the halfway point.

The Last of Us is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on June 14.

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[Source: Naughty Dog]