Thatgamecompany's Flower On Vita And The Dead Linger Headline E3 2013 Indiecade

by Mike Futter on May 29, 2013 at 02:21 PM

One of the treats at E3 each year is the collection of fantastic independent titles. Host Indiecade has swelled the number of titles represented this year, with over 30 present at the annual industry gathering in Los Angeles, set for June 11-13, 2013.

This year's representatives include a new PlayStation Vita version of Thatgamecompany's wonderfully soothing Flower and Kickstarter success The Dead Linger, which will give players the chance to live out zombie apocalypse fantasies and fortify safe houses in randomly generated worlds. Other notable inclusions are Hohokum, which we previewed earlier this month, and Space Team, a raucous party game that puts players as crew of an absurd spacecraft.

As we mentioned yesterday, the indie presence at E3 is growing each year. Showcased titles will be present on PC, mobile devices and, like Tower No Tumble pictured above, Sifteo cubes (which we had the chance to see in action recently, and provide an experience that blends simple building blocks with electronic entertainment). Some featured games tend toward the tangible, with inclusions like the much-adored Johann Sebastian Joust and QuickDraw utilizing the PlayStation Move, while others like Babel Build are purely physical. 

To learn more about Indiecade, visit the official site, and see below for the full list of participants that we'll be seeing at E3 next month.


  • Pinstripe
    • Thomas Brush
    • Platform: PC
    • Video 
  • Hidden
    • Parsons New School for Design
    • Platform: PC
    • Video 

 PS Vita

  • Hohokum
    • Honeyslug
    • Platform: PS Vita
    • Video 


 Big Games and Card Games

  • Body Scrub; Lego
    • USC Game Innovation Lab
    • Video 
  • Space Maestro
    • USC Interactive Media & Games Division; USC Music school graduate students, U.S. and South Korea
    • Platform: “interactive Kinect experience”
    • Video 
  • QuickDraw
    • Greenfly Studios
    • Platform: no graphics game for Playstation Move
    • Video 
  • Pedandeck
    • Brian Schrank
    • Platform: Social Card Game 

 Sifteo Cubes