Indie Presence Growing At E3 Thanks To Indiecade And Indies Crash E3

by Mike Futter on May 28, 2013 at 04:32 AM

When most gamers think of E3, the images are usually those of keynote presentations, giant booths, and mega-budget titles. More recently though, the biggest video game trade show in the Western hemisphere has had a growing independent presence.

For the seventh year, E3 will be home to Indiecade, a booth featuring some of the best titles created by unaffiliated studios. The 2013 curated assemblage will include approximately 25 35 titles (the number has swelled since we last spoke with Indiecade), which will be announced in the very near future. Last year's participants included Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Isaac, Die Gute Fabrik's Johann Sebastian Joust, and Zach Gage's Spelltower.  

This year's Indiecade isn't the only way that small studios will be able to get in front of the media. A new group called Indies Crash E3, backed by Semiformal Studios (known for the unique Ensemble Online open world RTS with RPG elements), has invited a number of studios to join them at the show. 

Semiformal Studios was granted a number of industry passes as part of its opportunity to show Ensemble Online, and in turn decided to give those to other small development houses. Indies Crash E3 will be an opportunity for 10 groups to attend the show, and the winners have recently been announced. They are:

  • Saibot Studios
  • Kaiju Combat
  • Project Neumann
  • Raspina Studio
  • TripleClaim Game Collective
  • Spiffy Goats
  • Shabgard - Down of Darkness
  • Behold Studios
  • Nucleotide
  • Black Annex

You can read more about the Indies Crash E3 winners on the official site, and stay tuned to Indiecade to find out which 25 games will be featured at that booth.

Update: There was an error in the name of the studio behind Indies Crash E3 and Ensemble Online that has been corrected.