Square Enix Re-Registers Agito Trademark

by Joe Juba on May 27, 2013 at 01:15 PM

A familiar name has resurfaced, giving fans of the Final Fantasy series hope that a Japan-only release on PSP might see the light of day in North America.

Revealed at the same time as Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII eventually released in Japan under the name Final Fantasy Type-0.

Despite a positive reception, the game never made its way to North America -- possibly due to the PSP's waning influence. Whatever the cause, the only to play Type-0 is to import it.However, Square Enix might not be done with it yet. According to Gematsu, the company recently re-registered the Final Fantasy Agito trademark. Maybe Square Enix has something planned for a resurrection of Type-0?

Whatever the case, we'll probably find out within a few weeks; Square Enix has promised some Final Fantasy-related news at E3.

[Source: Gematsu via VG247]