An Interview With Curiosity Winner Bryan Henderson

by Mike Futter on May 26, 2013 at 01:35 PM

It's been a whirlwind day for Peter Molyneux's new 22 Cans studio. Not only did the Curiosity experiment come to a close, but the developer has been thrust back into the spotlight.

As you may have read, the prize at the center of the Curiosity cube went to Edinburgh, Scotland resident Bryan Henderson. He'll be providing his ideas for the project and will also be reaping some of the financial rewards. We got in touch with Henderson through 22Cans to ask some questions and learn more about him.

Game Informer: Bryan, tell us a little about yourself.

Bryan Henderson: I'm 18 years old, I'm currently doing an internship for a student newspaper as a graphic designer. I play games quite a lot, since I was very young. My favorite games include Halo 3, Dead Space 3, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 3, and Portal 2.

How long have you been playing Curiosity? How often did you play?

I downloaded the game only about an hour before I won, so I feel a little bad. 

Were you a Godus backer on Kickstarter?

I didn't have a clue that it was on Kickstarter. 

Have you played previous games by Peter Molyneux?

I haven't played any of his previous games but I have always wanted to try Fable. 

Given the nature of Godus and how you'll be shaping it, can you tell us about your own religious philosophies?

Well I'm an atheist myself but I'm okay with everyone believing what they want to believe.

With regard to Godus, you will have an unprecedented amount of power for a layperson over how players experience a game from a famed designer. What's going through your mind right now?

It's very surreal, I'm still trying to take it all in. At the moment I'm not very clear on what I'm going to be able to do, but I do know it's going to be incredible.

What has 22 Cans told you so far about your involvement in the project. What are the first things you'll be doing?

I know just about as much as the public does, I'm waiting to get more details in the near future from Peter.

What questions did you ask Peter Molyneux when you spoke with them?

I asked Peter how this was all going to happen and when. He didn't tell me just yet, all he said was he's going to give me more details soon. I can't wait to hear from him and the 22 Cans team.