Joe Danger Aims To Thrill On PC

by Jeff Cork on May 24, 2013 at 04:17 AM

Hello Games has announced that its high-flying hero, Joe Danger, will be making the leap over to PC in 2013. Until now, the only way that players could enjoy his death-defying antics was by playing his games on PS3, Xbox 360, or mobile devices.

"For the PC version of JD, we’ve had a lot of fun," writes Hello Games' founder, Sean Murray. "We’ve added a bunch of new content for both games – some new levels for a start. There’s lots of graphics settings, as well as controller, mouse and keyboard support. Full Steam Big Picture Mode (I was just playing 1080 with 16xAA on my TV – looks soooo nice). We’ve added ghost recording to both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 and integrated it with Steam, so you can compete with people right in the game."

Murray says the PC versions are more than simple ports of the first game and its sequel. "Especially for PC, there just seems so many games where you can’t use a mouse in the UI, or even change the graphics settings. Drives me crazy!"

The game adds mouse support to the level editor and also has full Steamworks integration. Look for it later this year.