New Kinect For Windows Coming In 2014

by Joe Juba on May 23, 2013 at 11:16 AM

A new version of Kinect is included with every Xbox One. Microsoft's other version of Kinect – the one focused on computing and business applications – is also in development. Kinect for Windows uses the same technological foundation as the Xbox One's Kinect, and is slated to release next year.

On the Kinect for Windows blog, Microsoft outlined some of the features of the PC-based version of Kinect. The highlights include a color camera, a noise-reducing microphone, improved skeletal tracking, and an infrared sensor that improves detection in less-than-ideal lighting. Of course, a lot of these features sound familiar to what gamers are getting, but with greater emphasis on real-world application.

For more on Microsoft's motion-sensing strategy, read about how the company is going all-in with Kinect for Xbox One.

[Source: Kinect for Windows Blog]