Need for Speed Rivals Taking To The Streets This Year

by Matthew Kato on May 23, 2013 at 04:40 AM

Ghost Games, the studio formerly known as EA Gothenburg, has been working on a new Need for Speed title for some time, and now the developer's inaugural game – Need for Speed Rivals – has been announced.

The game, created in conjunction with franchise overseers Criterion Games (NFS: Most Wanted) is using the Frostbite 3 engine, and will appear on undisclosed current-gen systems on November 19, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime before the end of the year.

As the name insinuates and the series is known for, cops and racers will go at it in the fictional setting of Redview County (complete with some dangerous-sounding weather), and both sides will have their own career paths. Racers gain Speedpoints for evading the cops and capturing it on video, but the more notorious you become the more Speedpoints you could possibly lose if caught.

Cops, meanwhile, will work in teams and players will try and rise up the ranks for better cars and tech. Both sides will make use of 11 upgrades, from turbo, jammers, and EMPs for the racers, and shockwaves and helicopter and roadblock support for the cops. Speaking of upgrades, Rivals has a license with Ferrari, letting you get in the cockpit of cars like the F12berlinetta.

Rivals introduces an online component – called AllDrive – that sounds similar to the series' use of Autolog. AllDrive mixes single- and multiplayer components so your friends can come and go from your experience at any time. Naturally, AllDrive will also surface stats and challenges from your friends as well.

Electronic Arts has already announced the pre-order incentive for Rivals at participating retailers, the Ultimate Cop Pack. This consists of the Nissan GT-R Black Edition cruiser, unspecified pursuit tech, and a custom livery.