EA Sports Ignite Engine Shown Wasn't Gameplay

by Game Informer Editorial on May 22, 2013 at 04:15 AM

EA Sports' Ignite engine will be powering the division's next-gen titles, but yesterday's reveal may not be exactly what those games look like on the upcoming systems.

Polygon talked to Andrew Wilson, executive vice president at EA Sports, who told the site that any Ignite footage shown at the Xbox One unveiling was pre-rendered using in-game assets in "a format that would be usable in this style of event." In other words, what was shown wasn't gameplay. However, Wilson added: "What I'm really happy to say, though, is that our games right now are delivering on that, and in some cases more."

Here is the footage in question.

In other EA Sports next-gen news, MCVUK reports that the PC version of FIFA 14 will not be using the Ignite engine like its counterparts.

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