Update: Microsoft Confirms Mandatory Game Installation, Talks 'Always Online,' Has Plan For Used

by Mike Futter on May 21, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Update #3: More confusing information has emerged out of interviews after the reveal event. Kotaku spoke with corporate vice president Phil Harrison, who told the site that users will be able to trade games online. He also indicated that the rumored "used game fee" would be equivalent to the full retail price of the game. Additionally, Microsoft seems to be emphasizing the ability to take your games to a friends' house, while stressing that you'll need to be logged into your own account to access your games. 


Update #2: Microsoft has provided comment on the used game situation.

"We are designing Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We’ll have more details to share later."


Update #1: Microsoft reached out to Wired, which has since updated its original piece. According to the recent information, Microsoft has a plan for used games, but it isn't ready to reveal it quite yet.


Original Story:

In an interview with Wired, Microsoft has revealed some much anticipated details about the Xbox One. These tidbits go beyond what we heard at the press conference today, but are in many ways more important to how consumers will interact with the system.

The interview goes into great detail about how users will access game content. Xbox One owners will be required to install games to the 500 GB hard drive, but will not need the disc after that. If a second user wants to access the game (or purchase it second-hand), he or she will need to pay a fee. This is the "other shoe" that many were concerned about dropping when EA announced that it was abandoning the online pass practice

With regard to an always-online console, the Xbox One will be able to play games offline, but developers will be able to utilize Microsoft's cloud computing, thereby making individual titles require an active, constant connection. Developers have the option of whether to make a connection mandatory, but according to the article, corporate vice president Marc Whitten hopes that they do.

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