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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Live TV Feature

by Kimberley Wallace on May 21, 2013 at 07:37 AM

Today Microsoft unveiled its integration of live TV into its new system the Xbox One. The new system is making it easy to instantly switch between your entertainment.

With voice recognition and simple hand gestures, you can switch between live TV, music, music. The best part? The switch is instantaneous, as fast as switching channels on a remote control. To do this, Microsoft created a new set of universal gestures. If you spread your hands and grab the screen, you can get back home. If you want to go back to a movie, you grab it and you're right back there.

Haven't you always wanted to multitask while watching TV? Live TV on Xbox One allows you to do just that. Snap mode lets you run multiple programs alongside one another without having to shut any down. You can use internet explorer to find something out about a movie you're watching, it functions right alongside the program you're watching. Even better? Want to have a discussion with your friend on Skype while you're watching a movie? Using Skype HD, group video calls can go right into your television. You answer the call by telling your Xbox to "answer," and right alongside the screen is your friend as you watch a movie.

But the TV enhancements didn't stop there, Microsoft also showed the ease at which you can watch and discover TV using the guide, favorites, and trending. The guide allows you to see all channels and using your voice you can tell the system what channel you want to watch and it instantly switches to it. For your favorite shows, you can pin them into one convenient place, so you can keep track of what's going on in them. Also, the trending feature allows you to check on what your friends are watching and even other Xbox Live users.

The big question we have is which cable and satillite companies is this functionality compatible with out of the box? Microsoft said the demo was working with Comcast, but what about Time Warner, DirecTV, Dish TV, and U-Verse? We also don't know if owners will have to own a specific cable box to get the Xbox One to work. 

The TV features look promising. What are you most looking forward to?

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