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Weekend Warrior 05/17/13

by Ben Reeves on May 17, 2013 at 02:00 PM

A few of us will be finishing up Metro: Last Light and Blood Dragon, but almost all of use are going to see the new Star Trek movie. We hope it features a lot of cool lightsaber battles.

Kimberley Wallace: I’m hoping to finally finish Blood Dragon this weekend. I’m looking forward to moving on to Metro: Last Light. Other than that, I’m seeing Star Trek Into Darkness with some of the Game Informer crew tonight, and Kyle is challenging us all to find out the best poker player on Saturday. Never a dull moment!

Andrew Reiner: My weekend is dedicated to finishing up Metro: Last Light (I believe I'm near the end), and starting up Resident Evil: Revelations on Xbox 360. At some point on Saturday or Sunday, I hope to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Mike Futter: This weekend, I'm planning on visiting post-nuclear Russia with Metro 2033 (so I'm ready to take on the horrors of Metro: Last Light). I'm also planning on continuing the war against the alien invaders by taking the GI team into battle in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Finally, and if time allows, I might just jump into Borderlands 2 to take new vault hunter Krieg out for a spin.