Precursor Games Responds, Assets From Silicon Knights Converted To CryEngine3

by Mike Futter on May 16, 2013 at 07:24 AM

After last week's announcement of Shadow of the Eternals, we had a number of questions about the relationship between Silicon Knights and new studio Precursor Games. As you might recall, Precursor Games is billing Shadow of the Eternals as a spiritual successor to Nintendo's Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

We recently spoke with Silicon Knights' Mike Mays about the current activities at that company, and now a Precursor Games representative has responded to some of our questions.

Game Informer: You’ve called Shadow of the Eternals a “spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.”  Can you tell us what Nintendo’s involvement with your project is? Are they providing financial or in-kind support?
Precursor Games: Shadow of the Eternals is built within a new universe that will give players their own individual experience as they delve deeper into the lore.  Nintendo has been very supportive of this project and we have been in constant communication with them.  They have wished us luck in the crowdfunding campaign.

We noticed that you are running a forum for Eternal Darkness, complete with the original logo (which we have been informed is still wholly owned by Nintendo).
Yes, this is a fan forum where people can talk about things such as favorite memories and characters. 

Your goal for $1.5 million will get you to through the first episode, but you are offering even some very low tiers multiple episodes. How are you able to guarantee delivery of anything beyond episode one should you only reach your initial goal?
We offer a $5 tier for those who want a conservative option and will continue to offer each future episode for $5.  For those who wish to contribute beyond $5 and get future episodes for a better price, we offer this option as well.  Through continued crowdfunding (beyond Kickstarter) and sales of the pilot, we plan on delivering the future episodes.  

We are introducing several new ideas with this crowdfunding campaign: episodic content, core community development and a new company called Precursor Games.  We understand that there may be some concerns with so many new things.  However, what concerns us more is not moving forward from old ideas.  We are asking gamers to support us and this forward thinking initiative.

Silicon Knights informed us that employees that are now at Precursor Games purchased art assets. Can you tell us what kind of assets were purchased? Were any from Eternal Darkness? Are any in your offices?
Precursor purchased a small amount of art assets and used equipment along with many other laid off employees.  Any used assets had to be significantly altered to work in the CryENGINE 3. Over the course of a year, Precursor Games created a large of amount of original content for this demo you see running on the awesome CryENGINE 3.