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Reader Discussion: Who Are Your Favorite Video Game Mothers?

by Kyle Hilliard on May 12, 2013 at 07:11 AM

It’s Mother’s Day. You didn’t forget, did you? Mothers don’t make frequent appearances in video games, but when they do, they always leave a lasting impression. Whether it was Crono’s mother waking him up in the beginning of Chrono Trigger, the namesake of the Earthbound series in Japan (the series is called Mother in Japan), the brief and mysterious appearance of Mario's mother in Yoshi's Island, or the end boss of The Binding of Isaac, mothers are important.

One of my favorite video game mothers is Samara from the Mass Effect series. She’s part of your party in Mass Effect 2, and plays an important role in Mass Effect 3. She has three daughters, all of which have the unfortunate genetic condition of killing their mates. Samara gives up all of her worldly possessions and swears herself to the code to become a Justicar so that she can stop one of her daughters from killing. In Mass Effect 3 we meet her other two daughters who have voluntarily isolated themselves in order to prevent themselves from becoming murderers. She’s a powerful woman who clearly loves her daughters, something I can relate to very easily (the having a daughter part, not the being a powerful woman part, for anyone who was confused).

How about you? What video game mothers have left a lasting impression on you? Who are some of your favorites?