XCOM: Enemy Unknown Available For Mac, Not Planned For Steam

by Mike Futter on May 06, 2013 at 08:36 AM

Update: A representative from Feral Interactive has reached out to Game Informer to clarify the situation. While Feral Interactive currently has no plans to bring XCOM: Enemy Unknown to Steam, this does not necessarily preclude them from changing this decision in the future.

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Over the past few days, we received reader tips reminding us that XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been released for Mac. Surprisingly, we noticed that a Steam version for Apple computers was not available. Given that a number of 2K Games' recent titles that have made the jump, including Civilization V and Borderlands 2, we decided to investigate.

According to a representative from Feral Interactive, the company responsible for XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Mac conversion, the title will not be coming to Steam. Feral is responsible for a number of high profile titles on the platform, including Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a number of entries in the Lego series, and both Batman Arkham games. None of these Mac versions appear on Steam either due to an internal business decision at Feral.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available directly from Feral Interactive or via the Mac App Store for $49.99 (with all DLC featured on the other platforms included). The game will be coming to iOS this summer. Regardless of how you decide to play it, just make sure you do. Need more convincing? Check out our review.