Shadow of the Eternals Videos Kick Off Fundraising

by Joe Juba on May 06, 2013 at 10:41 AM

The crowd-funding of the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness begins today. Precursor Games (which includes some of the talent from Silicon Knights responsible for Eternal Darkness) is starting the campaign with some videos to let gamers know what they should expect.

As previously revealed, Shadow of the Eternals is an episodic adventure coming to PC and Wii U. The most in-depth look comes courtesy of IGN, which has a 9-minute demo of the game with commentary from Denis Dyack. From that footage, you can clearly see how the game is following in the footsteps of Eternal Darkness. For a briefer look, you should watch the trailer embedded below.

Shadow of the Eternals is being built using Crytek's CryEngine 3. Given the fact that some members of Precursor Games have histories at Silicon Knights, it's not hard to understand why the team steered away from Unreal.

Interestingly, the Canadian studio isn't using any of the popular crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter is only available in the US and UK), but instead is relying on their own system to acquire and track donations. 

The studio is asking for $1.5 Million to develop the first episode. For more on the project (or to donate), you can go to Precursor's site.

[Source: IGN]