[Updated] Crowdfunding For Eternal Darkness Successor Coming, Questions Available Now

by Mike Futter on May 03, 2013 at 11:45 AM

[Update #2] New information has been posted on IGN. The actual goal for the first episode only is $1.5 million (not $1.1 million as we previously reported off of leaked images). The game will be rolled out in 12 episodes, and will be released for Wii U and PC. Additional platforms and episodes are part of the stretch goals. You can see the full details at IGN

[Update #1] Additional information has surfaced about Precursor Games. According to screen captures of the Precursor website (since removed), Denis Dyack is pictured in the staff photo. According to the captured images, which are viewable on Insidegamer.nl, the campaign goal is $1.1 million for the first of twelve episodes. Episode two appears to be the first stretch goal.

We'll have full details on Monday, but what this means (if anything) for the continued existence of Silicon Knights and the funds it was ordered to pay Epic Games in November 2012 is unknown at this point. 

We left messages at Silicon Knights' offices in hopes of gleaning some information about the relationship (if any) with Precursor Games. We also reached out to Epic for comment on the disposition of the payments from Silicon Knights, and received the following statement,

"We don’t have anything new to share regarding Silicon Knights."

[Original Story]

The initial reaction to the news that a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is coming is one of elation. Silicon Knights' Lovecraftian psychological horror piece is one of the most adored mature games on the Nintendo Gamecube. Surprisingly, it also stands up to the test of time thanks to its compelling story and aggressive abuse of the player's own sanity.

The teaser trailer for Shadow of the Eternals featured on IGN, which hints at a crowdfunding campaign to begin soon (Monday at 12 pm Eastern), leaves us with more questions than answers. It is stated up front that this title is "from the creators of Eternal Darkness," but doesn't bear that name most likely because Nintendo recently extended the trademark. Unfortunately, a visit to developer Precursor Games' website offers no additional detail. 

The use of the term "crowdfunding" is also vague. Whether this will be featured on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another platform is unknown (and only matters because of comfort level among potential backers). Looking at the official Twitter account and Facebook page are also unrevealing, the latter has no information on the "about" tab.

The short footage shown does evoke the same art style and approach of Eternal Darkness. Of note, the church scenes are reminiscent of one traversed in Silicon Knights' title. The layout looks remarkably similar.

We're interested to learn more about Shadow of the Eternals and who the names and faces are behind Precursor Games (especially if and how how the team plans to make the leap from Kickstarter to console). Check back with us on Monday for more information, and visit IGN for the teaser trailer.

[Source: IGN]