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Apple's List Of Top Apps Shows Significance Of Mobile Gaming

by Mike Futter on May 03, 2013 at 02:57 AM

The countdown to Apple's 50 billionth app sold is winding down quickly. In commemoration of this monumental milestone, the tech giant has released two lists showcasing the most downloading apps of all time. Unsurprisingly, entertainment options dominate.

All but four of the top twenty-five paid apps are (largely casual) games. The category also holds six places on the list of free programs. More specifically, the rosters demonstrate the power of the Angry Birds franchise, which holds the top paid spot and a total of five of the fifty slots.

Electronic Arts, who has been making motions to reduce its presence in the mobile and social spaces holds five of fifty spots, but three of those are digital versions of classic board games The Game of Life, Monopoly, and Scrabble. Another belongs to PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies, which was developed prior to EA's acquisition of the studio.

Zynga only holds four spots. Draw Something and Words with Friends appear on both lists. Neither of these titles was developed by Zynga, but instead were the impetus for acquisition of the studios responsible.

Notably missing are Jetpack Joyride from the entertainment side and outstanding memo app Evernote. Also interesting is the presence of Google Maps, which only recently emerged as a separate download after Apple replaced it with their own version.

Here are the lists:


Top Paid Apps:

  1. Angry Birds
  2. Fruit Ninja
  3. Doodle Jump
  4. Cut the Rope
  5. Angry Birds Seasons
  6. WhatsApp Messenger
  7. Camera+
  8. Words with Friends
  9. Tiny Wings
  10. Angry Birds Space
  11. Pocket God
  12. Plants vs Zombies
  13. The Game of Life Classic Edition
  14. The Moron Test
  15. Where's My Water
  16. Draw Something
  17. Monopoly
  18. Angry Birds Star Wars
  19. MotionX GPS Drive
  20. Skee-Ball
  21. Scrabble
  22. Uno
  23. Minecraft - Pocket Edition
  24. Color Splash
  25. The Sims 3


Top Free Apps:

  1. Facebook
  2. Pandora
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Skype
  6. Words with Friends Free
  7. The Weather Channel
  8. Twitter
  9. Temple Run
  10. Google Search
  11. Netflix
  12. Shazam
  13. Angry Birds Free
  14. Draw Something Free
  15. Flashlight
  16. Facebook Messenger
  17. Google Earth
  18. Fruit Ninja Free
  19. iHeartRadio
  20. Movies by Flixster
  21. Bump
  22. eBay
  23. Pac-Man Lite
  24. Groupon
  25. Google Maps