Stillalive Studios Launches Son of Nor Kickstarter Campaign

by Matt Helgeson on Apr 30, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Austrian indie developer Stillalive is hoping gamers will support its game Son of Nor, a 3D action game that makes interesting use of telekinesis and other powers.

Son of Nor takes the usual fantasy/sci-fi trope of placing humanity in danger at the hands of a race of reptilian beasts named the Sarahul, who, for reasons yet unknown, are trying to kill off the last remnants of the human race.

While that's not a terribly interesting plot, Stillalive is doing some intriguing things with gameplay - particularly your force-style abilities. The first is telekinesis, which is not uncommon in games today. However, when combined with the other two (terraforming and elemental magic) the possibilities are great indeed. Terraforming in particularly looks impressive so far, with the player being able to raise and lower the desert world sands to set traps for enemies or reach high platforms. Elemental abilities like fire can be imbued onto objects like rocks, then used as deadly weapons with your TK abilities. Stillalive promises that players will have a lot of freedom to approach combat and puzzle solving in creative ways that make use of all the powers.

Stillalive just launched its Kickstarter and hopes to raise a relatively modest $150,000. If successful the game will release for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Son of Nor Kickstarter page