Notch's New Typing Game Will Drop Your Confidence

by Mike Futter on Apr 30, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Typing speed is the writer's equivalent of the weight a bodybuilder can bench press. We compare numbers and have frequent competitions to see who has the nimblest digits.

In reality, none of that is true, but if it were, our performance enhancing drug would be Notch's new free browser game, Drop. According to the Minecraft creator, this new diversion was inspired by Super Hexagon, the ending of Fez, and his own ceiling

Play is simple and quick. The first four letters players must type are always those found in the word "drop." Immediately, the screen uses a tunnel effect to create a sense of motion, with electronic, bass heavy music playing underneath. The time to type the next glowing letter decreases quickly, and a missed character speeds things up even more. 

The average game lasts seconds, and it is extremely discouraging as someone who prides himself on accurate, quick typing. You can try Drop out for yourself right now. Just remember to take breaks so your fingers don't cramp up.