Unreal Indie Bundle Arrives On Steam

by Matt Miller on Apr 29, 2013 at 12:41 PM

Seven independently created games that utilize Unreal Engine 3 are on sale for a single affordable price.

Epic Games and its Unreal Engine isn’t exactly known for its indie status, but there are actually plenty of independent developers that use Unreal to create new games. Some of those games are on display this week with the release of the Unreal Indie Bundle on Steam. 

Seven games are available in a single purchase of $19.99, and the bundle has been structured to showcase the flexibility of the Unreal engine. 

Interested to learn more about these games before making a purchase? Check out the official sites for each through the links below. 

The Ball, developed by Teotl 

Dungeon Defenders, developed by Trendy Entertainment

Primal Carnage, developed by Lukewarm Media

Q.U.B.E., developed by Toxic Games

Sanctum, developed by Coffee Stain Studios

Unmechanical, developed by Teotl Studios and Talawa Games

Waves, developed by Squid in a Box

Learn more about these games and purchase the Unreal Indie Bundle by heading over to the Steam storefront