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The Script For Beyond: Two Souls Is Very Long

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 23, 2013 at 10:17 AM

Quantic Dream sent a mock script of its upcoming game Beyond: Two Souls to Game Informer. The first page has some text on it, but the rest of the script is totally blank, a warning sign, perhaps, to let you know that Beyond: Two Souls will have a lot of words.

As you can see above, "The average film script is 100 pages. At 2,000 pages, this is not your average film script." Also worth noting, Beyond: Two Souls is not a film. It's a video game.

Doing some unscientific calculations, if we consider that this script has 2,000 pages (I am choosing to believe the text on this page. I did not personally count the pages), and that it was sent as a promotional item to at least 50 people or outlets that cover gaming to some capacity, we can estimate that there are about 100,000 pieces of blank paper proudly proclaiming that Beyond's script is longer than the scripts of most films. According to an online estimate, a fully grown pine tree produces about 80,000 sheets of paper. That's a whole lotta tree to prove that Mean Girls' script is not as long as Beyond: Two Souls.

Also included with Quantic Dream's giant stack of paper was a DVD which featured one minute of bootleg footage from Beyond's appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival, and one hour and 30 minutes of blackness with no sound. I guess Quantic Dream is very proud of wasted space? I'm not sure what the message is here.