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Bungie Is Making Destiny With You In Mind

by Matthew Kato on Apr 22, 2013 at 04:41 AM

Bungie has always strived to have a close relationship with its fans. In the company's latest mailbag, where the team answers questions from its audience, Bungie talks about how Destiny is trying to accommodate them.

Although Bungie letter curator DeeJ doesn't dive into specifics, it sounds like the game will be playable in convenient chunks, and he intimates gamers will be able to interface with Destiny via the Bungie mobile app.

Here are the original questions and answers:

Q: I am a hardcore gamer, but work and two kids has made my gaming time slim. I'm worried that, with a shared world shooter, I will be missing lots of good things because I don't have the time anymore. Is there any hope for my demographic?

A: There is hope, old man. One of Destiny's design pillars is that it's "Compatible with Real Life." That's important to us at Bungie. We want to make a game that you can enjoy for as long as you're able to play – even if it's bite-sized gaming sessions, every now and then.

Q: Will and Destiny be brought even closer together compared to your Halo era?

A: Absolutely. was designed to provide the players of Halo with a bunch of ways to extend and share their experiences. Those priorities won't change with Destiny. It'll be a great place to maintain a relationship with the people who are making this game, with the other people who are playing this game, and even with yourself as a character in this game. We even have some interesting plans for how you can take that experience with you, wherever you go. If armed with the right gadgets, no matter where life finds you, the world of Destiny will be very close – at your fingertips, even. 

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