Bethesda Teases With Barbed Wire And A Scratchy Record… And It's Not Fallout

by Mike Futter on Apr 16, 2013 at 07:03 AM

We're sorry to both lift and dash your hopes at the same time, Vault Dwellers. This tease is not for a new Fallout game. Today, Bethesda teased something new with a four-second Vine (Twitter's short movie service).

At first glance, the barbed wire and musical terms that flash through might lead the hopeful to believe that a new Fallout would be announced soon (especially since it had been recently hinted at by a Fallout 3 voice actor). Alas, a tweet from Bethesda vice president of public relations and marketing Pete Hines has us looking for other ideas.

One good suggestion comes from BioWare senior gameplay designer Manveer Heir who tweeted this,



The barbed wire certainly fits the Wolfenstein aesthetic, and the series would be a good fit for next generation hardware, marrying a known intellectual property with a franchise that can be safely rebooted or expanded upon. The good news is that even if this tease has nothing to do with Fallout, there is still hope that a new adventure in the post-apocalyptic wasteland might be in development. After all, Bethesda is a publisher as well as a developer. It stands to reason that they have multiple projects underway simultaneously.

What do you think Bethesda is hinting at? You can check out the Vine here.