Rumor: Video Footage Shows Evidence Of Battlefield 4's Commander Mode

by Jeff Cork on Apr 15, 2013 at 06:42 AM

Battlefield 4 will contain three playable factions and the return of Commander Mode, if video evidence is to be believed. A YouTube user visited their local GameStop and caught footage of some rough-looking signage that makes those claims.

Luger700 posted the footage of the signs, which includes stuff we knew (Frostbite 3 destruction, vehicles) and a few other details, including three factions (Russia, China, the U.S.), and the return of Battlefield 2's Commander mode. In that mode, one player managed the battle from above – dropping supplies, ordering troop placement, and controlling artillery strikes. According to the video, one of the clerks secured the info "direct from EA."

It would be cool to see the mode return, but keep your expectations low for the time being. The purported signage is about as low-rent as it gets, with noticeably poor print quality, and cropped and missing logos. If EA or GameStop (our parent company) are going to be distributing these to a few thousand locations, odds are they'll be enlisting the help of a professional printer and not pushing an employee's deskjet to the limits.

[Source: VG247]