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Weekend Warrior 04/12/13

by Louis Garcia on Apr 12, 2013 at 02:00 PM

Minnesota received a hearty amount of snow this week (not a surprise at this point, really. We'll just skip spring and go straight to summer), so there isn't a more perfect reason to stay inside and play video games.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'm dreaming of playing some more Guacamelee while listening to podcasts. Other than that, I have Tomb Raider sitting on my computer but I'm hoping to get an RTS pseudo-LAN party going with either Heart of the Swarm or Age of Empires 2 HD. Have a good weekend!

Mike Futter: If you had told me I would be eager to dive back into Defiance last week, I would have laughed. Surprisingly, the game has its hooks sunk in deep. I want to make sure to get my episode missions completed before the pilot airs and the opportunity vanishes. I also want to (for real this time) dive back into Dead Island to get ready for Riptide’s release. I will not be playing Injustice, though that game is occupying my thoughts. Tuesday can’t get here soon enough.

Louis Garcia: I’m celebrating another birthday party this weekend, but this time it’s my cousin’s son’s big day. He turns two, so that means while BioShock Infinite won’t be played, I’ll be running around pretending to be a Spider-Man bad guy while he and his older brother stop me from dastardly deeds. So, that’s kind of like a video game, I guess. I’d really like to jump back into BattleBlock Theater and start Guacamelee, but the time just isn’t there!

Jeff Marchiafava: A few weeks ago I was in a gaming slump with little desire to play much of anything other than Super Stickman Golf 2. Now I’m flush with games I’m dying to play. I still want to finish up Tomb Raider, though I put it aside for BioShock Infinite, which I’ve been making good progress in all week. If I can get through those, I want to play more BattleBlock Theater, which is my favorite platformer since Super Meat Boy. I’ll probably still end up playing more Super Stickman Golf 2 this weekend too, because as it turns out it’s still great!

Matt Kato: Still working to finish BioShock Infinite, and I hope to finish that up soon. Surprisingly, I've decided to re-invest more time into FIFA 13 care of the Ultimate Team mode. I've got a Pro Club, Career, and now an Ultimate Team side going – my involvement keeps getting deeper and deeper. You know when you start up a spreadsheet document, you're down for the crime. And for good or bad, I've just signed on to the web app to manage my FUT at work. So begins the descent into madness.

Kyle Hilliard: In excitement for Blood Dragon, I picked Far Cary 3 up from where I left off. I’m only about six Achievements away from getting them all, and I’m trying to decide if I want to go for them. Alternatively, Guacamelee kept me up much later than it should have last night, so I see a lot more of it in my future.

Tim Turi: This weekend I’ll be cranking on my reviews for Dead Island: Riptide and Resident Evil: Revelations HD. Besides that I hope to squeeze in some time with Antichamber.