Indie Studio Turns To Kickstarter For Road Rash-Style Game

by Jeff Cork on Apr 12, 2013 at 05:30 AM

Road Rash is one of those games that's difficult for some gamers to forget. The motorcycle-combat series debuted in 1991 on the Genesis, and it received a steady stream of sequels over the following decade. Though few of the actual games lived up to the original premise – win a motorcycle race by any means necessary – the concept stuck with players. It's been 10 years since Road Rash: Jail Break hit the Game Boy Advance, and an indie studio has waited long enough.

DarkSeas Games, a studio formed in 2012 by former employees of companies including Sony, BioWare, EA, and Lucasarts, is seeking $160,000 on Kickstarter to develop a new game based on Road Rash.The game, called Road Redemption, adds all of the goodies of contemporary gaming, such as ragdoll animations, physics, and online multiplayer, to the tried and true original concept of ruthlessly getting to the finish line first. That includes anything from kicking an opponent into oncoming traffic or just blasting them in the back with a shotgun.

If it's funded, the team says it hopes to release the game in July 2014 on PC, Mac, and Linux. The game will be DRM free, and the team says it will make all assets, including art and source code, freely available.