SimCity Cheetah Mode Returns, Mac Version Due June 11

by Kayla Herrera on Apr 10, 2013 at 10:07 AM

In a recent Facebook post, the creators of SimCity, Maxis, confirmed that it was bringing back Cheetah Speed. The game play mode is one of the many features that were removed during the fumbled launch of the title. They also confirmed via the post that they are working on a second update.

Cheetah speed, which is useful during moments when players are simply waiting for their city's coffers to swell, was put on a halt after the devastating launch so that the servers could handle more traffic. The excised features and extended server instability prompted EA to award users with a free game. The debacle also likely played a role in EA's second consecutive win of Consumerist's "Worst Company in America" competition. Cheetah mode is a vital part of the SimCity experience, and its return brings the game another step closer to full functionality.

In related news, Maxis has confirmed a June 11, 2013, release date for the Mac version of the title. It will only be available digitally, and those that have already purchased on PC will have access to both. A user can only be logged into their account on one machine, though. If you want to have a household region, you'll still need multiple copies.