Dark Souls II Gameplay Revealed In New Video

by Louis Garcia on Apr 10, 2013 at 11:00 AM


An exclusive gameplay reveal video over at IGN has exposed a number of Dark Souls II details, with the director of developer From Software explaining how graphical improvements is chief among them.  

“One of the things we thought was critical to that was the graphical improvements for more reality, more realistic expressions of everything we want to show in the game,” Yui Tanimura, director of From Software, tells IGN through a translator. 

That is but one improvement Tanimura talked about during the gameplay demo that begins by showing off combat with reanimated suits of armor, as well as a pit full of salamander monsters bathing near some flames.

See for yourself how badly wyverns and wooden bridges mix, head over to IGN and watch their full video reveal

[Note: the image above is from Dark Souls]