Harmonix Explains Expiring Rock Band Licenses

by Matthew Kato on Apr 09, 2013 at 05:27 AM

Song licensing is what drove the music game craze a few years ago, but it also comes with its problems as well. Harmonix is notifying Rock Band owners what happens when a license expires.

On a Facebook posting, the company explains that some of the licenses for a "very limited number of songs" offered as DLC have expired and won't be available to purchase in the Rock Band store or first-party online marketplaces.

If you have already purchased the song, you are totally safe and nothing changes. It's still yours. Harmonix says that in the event you need to re-download a song you've already bought that has subsequently been pulled, "you should be able to do so even if that content is no longer available for new purchasers in the store."

What songs have been pulled due to expiring licenses? Harmonix says that as of now, only the Metallica Pack 01 featuring "Ride the Lightning," "And Justice for All," and "Blackened" are affected. Seems fitting Metallica would be involved, huh?

Harmonix says that it is working to try and extend the licenses for any content.

In the meantime, enjoy Rock Band's last DLC.