Former LucasArts Composer Jesse Harlin Eulogizes The Publisher

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 07, 2013 at 12:32 PM

In a touching post on Facebook and with a photo gallery on Imgur, former LucasArts composer Jesse Harlin has eulogized the company and its now former employees.

It's a very sweet post that humanizes the workforce of LucasArts in a way carefully worded press releases would never be able to.

"LucasArts died today. It was 30 years old. Ask gamers to recall George Lucas' gaming company and they'll tell you about fulfilled childhood fantasies inside the cockpit of a TIE Bomber or laugh with you about insult sword fighting. They remember the time they spent in the boots of Kyle Katarn, Ben Throttle, or Boss. They remember our successes and they remember our stumbles."

You can read the whole post by heading to Harlin's Facebook page, or the Imgur gallery.

Disney announced that it was closing the studio last week. We are just as disappointed as every other gaming fan to see the company close and we gathered out favorite memories from our favorite LucasArts games.

[via Joystiq]