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Your April Fools' Day Round-Up

by Jeff Marchiafava on Apr 01, 2013 at 12:15 PM

April 1 is a magical day where anyone can be a comedian, no matter how unqualified they are. Here are some yuks from the video game industry, some of which are actually pretty darn clever.

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Minecraft 2 Announced
Mojang wrote up a lengthy announcement of Minecraft 2, complete with a ton of goofy changes coming to the game, plus some community-made trailers.

Deus Ex Human Defiance Revealed
The new project Square Enix was teasing this weekend turned out to be nothing more than a prank. For the record, we would totally play this game!

Journey Adds Rocket Deathmatch DLC
Thatgamecompany gets my vote for best April Fools' Day joke with its video of a new rocket deathmatch mode for Journey. 

Sega Adds Goat Processing To Sonic Games
On the other end of the funny spectrum, Sega has added goat sounds to its games. Better luck next year, Sega. 

Football Manager 1888
Sports Interactive is teasing its newest entry in the Football Manager series, which is set in the Victorian age.

Star Wars The Old Republic Adds Hutt Mounts
The latest SWTOR update is entitled Dance of the Hutts, and allows you to ride a Hutt. At least that's what I hope is going on in the picture above. 

World of Tanks Adds Zombies
This one wouldn't surprise us in the least. After all, every other game has zombies nowadays. 

Hawken Mech Store Is Now Live
Meteor Entertainment has launched the mech store for Hawken, and it's predictably wacky.  

League of Legends Goes 8-Bit
League of Legends players can try out Cho'Gath Eats The World, a Rampage-inspired 2D action game that's free to play in your browser right now.

Dishonored Gameplay Walkthrough Is Magic
Dishonored designers Raf Colantonio and Harvey Smith narrate this humorous walkthrough of a level from Dishonored. 

Guild Wars 2 Presents Super Adventure Box
ArenaNet has created a retro puzzle/platformer available for play in Guild Wars 2.

Loremaster's Bedtime Tales
Elder Scrolls Online is now hosting story time with Loremaster Lawrence Schick.

What's your favorite April Fools' Day gag? Share it in the comments section below.