Tomb Raider Sets Franchise Sales Records

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 30, 2013 at 12:16 PM

Tomb Raider released with the best first week sales of any game in the franchise. So far, it has also had the biggest opening of 2013. Crystal Dynamics studio head Darrell Gallagher and creative director Noah Hughes shared Tomb Raider's sales numbers recently at a panel at GDC.

Square Enix's now former CEO, Yoichi Wada, recently stepped down from the company citing poor sales of games like Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, and Tomb Raider.

Hughes told Joystiq, when asked about Square Enix's insistence that the game was not performing well, "Certainly we're proud of what we achieved, and I think for the most part, the whole organization is happy with what we did." Gallagher said, "Actuals and expectations, I guess, are two slightly different things. What I'm telling you is the actuals, and they're communicating expectations."

As of March 26, Tomb Raider had sold 3.4 millions copies. Tomb Raider released on March 5.