Dishonored Almost Took Place In Japan

by Louis Garcia on Mar 28, 2013 at 07:55 AM

It was revealed at the Game Developers Conference that Dishonored could have taken place in medieval Japan instead of its fictional, late 1600s London-esque world.

Arkane Studios art director Sebastien Mitton made the revelation, and explained why it didn’t pan out. 

“We thought medieval Japan was not good for us because we do not know this culture,” Mitton told those in attendance.

The art director also revealed the origin of the enemies that walk around on stilts: they were based on the window washers the developers saw clean their office windows. 

Mitton went on to explain how the team had architects and level designers working together so that everything fit, and trips to London were taken to help inspire the concept art.

Many ideas behind the art direction taken are detailed in our video interview with the game’s visual art director, Viktor Antonov.

What do you think? Would Dishonored have worked in medieval Japan?

[Source: Destructoid]