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gdc 2013

Minority Media's Next Project Silent Enemy Discussed

by Kimberley Wallace on Mar 26, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Not only did Vander Caballero let me know about Papo & Yo coming to Steam this morning, but but he also discussed his next project with me: Silent Enemy. Silent Enemy is an adventure game set to lauch later this year. In my time with Caballero he discussed making it on iOS and hinted he's looking into other platforms.

Caballero talked about how the company has found its place with helping people cope their struggles in life and how they want to build off Papo & Yo by once again tackling difficult subject matter. For Silent Enemy, the struggle depicted is bullying.

Unlike Papo & Yo, this isn't Caballero's tale, though. The inspiration came from Minority's design director Ruben Farrus. Farrus grew up in a small town in Spain and was often bullied and dealt with isolation. Caballero said during their talks about the game, he felt like a therapist to Farrus. 

Silent Enemy is set in a world of endless winter. The goal is to bring back spring, and you have shapeshifting abilities and the help of nature spirits to get the job done. Similar to Papo & Yo, you start out in a welcoming world, but then things slowly begin to unraval in unpleasant directions. You have magic powers to tackle the obstacles, like crossing paths by collecting spirits or shapeshifting to a rabbit to get to a high ledge. Unlike most games where you get more powerful as you go on, Minority wants to make the struggle against bullying more realistic by showing you can't fix it with physical power; it's about surviving.

Details are still scare, but it's great to see a developer continue to tackle such complex subject matter.