pax east 2013

Sights Of PAX East 2013: Day Three

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 24, 2013 at 12:14 PM

PAX East has descended upon Boston once again, and Game Informer (well, just me) is there to take part in the festivities. The final day is wrapping up as I type this, and I managed to grab some shots on the show floor. Take a look:

A forbidden love.

Gumby confidently struts across the show floor.

Thief may have just been announced, but these props are already on display on the show floor.

Corners of the hall were guarded by Portal turrets and...pig unicorns, I think?

Walking around a crowded convention center on stilts sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Thought these people were playing Johann Sebastian Joust, but they didn't have any Move controllers. Your guess is as good as mine.

In his old age, Sam's getting pretty bad at staying in the shadows. 

A look at the floor as the final day of PAX East draws to a close.

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These guys were doing this for way too long.

This was in the morning. Wish I could have seen how he was faring after a day of walking around the show floor.

Everyone knows that escalator ninjas are the most dangerous variety.

Pirate Spider-Man, because **** it.

I'd carry my own chair around too if I was wearing all that crap.

Don't worry, Divekick will come with an extensive "How To Play" menu.

GI reader Ivan Favelevic showed me his notebook that was decorated with our magazine's covers over the years.

Remember that Mortal Kombat ending where Raiden became a huge Pac-Man fan?

After the show floor closes, there's still plenty of time for tabletop gamers to have fun in this massive hall.

It is the Year of Luigi and Whoever That Guy Is, after all.

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Considering how much trouble I had walking around the show floor, I have no idea how this guy managed.

The thing from Journey loses a contact lens.

Professor Layton & The Unfortunate Earlier Years

Pyramid Head and a creepy nurse.

At first I thought this was a Skyrim thing, but then I realized it wasn't. This is a good story, I know.

Zero from Borderlands 2 made an appearance.

The only thing at PAX East without a line.

I thought this was just a statue, but every once in a while that thing in the middle would do some crazy stuff.

There's a hero inside all of us.