pax east 2013

Explore And Endure In Don't Starve

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 24, 2013 at 08:04 AM

Fresh off the success of XBLA's Mark of the Ninja, Klei showed off their upcoming PC title Don't Starve at PAX East. As the title implies, the game is all about survival in an unknown environment.

At the outset, a scientist named Wilson is experimenting in his lab when he's sucked into a portal. He wakes on an unknown island, and what appears to be a fellow human tells him to "get food" before vanishing. From that point on, you're the only human in Don't Starve's wilderness.

Klei doesn't want to give players much in the way of tutorials, opting instead to have players explore and experiment. Unlike Minecraft, Don't Starve will show you the recipes required to build new objects. Past that helpful info, the developer won't be throwing hints to the player regarding what's safe to eat, what creatures are friendly or hostile, etc.

Wilson has to manage three things: his health, his hunger, and his sanity. Certain items can only be harvested from the environment when you're in an insane state, but they'll remain in your inventory even when you've recovered. If Wilson goes too insane, his hallucinations become real and can attack him.

Don't Starve will release on April 23rd, but a playable beta is currently available at It'll include a finite adventure mode as well as an endless survival mode, and Klei has stated plans to release frequent updates to the gameplay.