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pax east 2013

Survive The Punk Rock Apocalypse With Charlie Murder

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 23, 2013 at 02:08 PM

Developed by the same husband and wife team that made The Dishwasher, Charlie Murder is poised to be another solid co-op brawler on Xbox Live Arcade. Featuring a unique art style, full RPG-style levelling, and hints of River City Ransom, it looks to be a solid new entry in the genre.

Up to four players can choose between the five-member punk band known as Charlie Murder. As is standard for the genre, players are immediately thrusted into a world populated with plenty of people to pummel with fists or weapon pickups. Charlie Murder is at war with a metal band in the punk rock apocalypse, and their followers will be the recipients of your attacks.

Instead of basic Final Fight-style food pickups, players will be able to purchase food items at stores for permanent health upgrades. Clothing customization helps your armor stats, and you'll come across gloves that give you elemental attacks. If combat isn't occurring, you can pull up a phone interface that allows you to equip new items and choose your level up bonuses without forcing your partners to go to a menu with you.

Everything about Charlie Murder is tailor made to fit the punk rock theme of the game. Your XP is measured in followers on a social media app. Your magic system is called Anar-chi. There's even a full beer crafting system that has you collecting barley, malt, and yeast in order to brew your own. 

Xbox Live Arcade has been a fantastic destination for the recent revival of the brawler genre, and Charlie Murder looks like it'll fit right in. According to Ska Studios, the game will release "when it's done."