pax east 2013

Leap Motion Device Demonstrated With DoubleFine's Dropchord

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 23, 2013 at 09:46 AM

We're a couple of months away from Leap's release in May, but the USB device was demonstrated at DoubleFine's PAX East booth. We had a chance to test it out with the launch game DropChord, and came away impressed with its accuracy.

Leap is a small USB device that sits in front of your desktop monitor, and tracks the location of your fingers. I held up both hands and was immediately surprised by how accurately it tracked all eight of my fingers simultaneously. Unlike Microsoft's Kinect, Leap doesn't appear to suffer from any kind of input lag. Onscreen indicators moved in perfect sync with my movements.

DoubleFine's Dropchord will be launching alongside the device, and it's controlled entirely with the Leap device. A circle appears onscreen, and you have to use your fingers to drag a line across dots that appear within it. Obstacles like lightning bolts appear at times, and you have to make sure your line doesn't come into contact with them.

It's difficult to explain in text, but it's easy for anyone to immediately grasp the "controls" and concept. Considering it's a launch title for the device, it should be a simple and fun way to demonstrate Leap's gaming applications. No price is set as of this writing, but DoubleFine told me that they expect it to fit within the standard mobile price range.