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Dive And Kick In Divekick

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 23, 2013 at 01:14 PM

In Divekick by Iron Galaxy Studios, you can dive and kick people as characters named Dive and Kick. There are two buttons. One button makes you dive and the other button makes you kick.

That's the gist of Divekick, an upcoming PS3, Vita, and PC fighting game that delights in its own absurdity. Its creators intend to mock elements from other fighters, from the gem system on the character select screen to the casual racism frequently seen in the genre. 

Fights are short, with every round ending the moment a single kick lands. In the demo I played, the first player to win five rounds won the match. Gameplay is as simple as you'd expect from a two-button game, but I was surprised at the amount of actual strategy that could be employed. Characters have differing jump heights and kick angles, so you'll actually have to think about what they're capable of when going up against a foe. A meter called kick factor fills as you kick, and you can unleash special evades and kicks as it fills. If it fills up completely, you'll go into kick factor mode which greatly increases your jump and kick speed.

No joystick movement is needed, as standard kicks propel you forward and the kick button sends you backwards if you aren't in the air. It's certainly unconventional, but it doesn't take many matches to get used to it.

Divekick will be coming out this summer, and it seems destined to become a go-to party/drinking game. It's ridiculous for sure, but it certainly had me laughing during my time with it.