Saints Row Developer Speaks Out On THQ Closing

by Ben Reeves on Mar 22, 2013 at 02:57 PM

There were many factors that played into the collapse of publisher THQ, but as a developer for one of the publisher's hottest properties, Saint's Row developer Volition had a unique perspective on the state of the company.

While speaking with GameSpot, the Saint's Row team had a few things to say about the bad decisions THQ made on the road to closure.

"It was uDraw and bad choices like not getting into mobile," said Saints Row developer Scott Phillips. "I don't even think they were thinking about mobile as of the beginning of this year."

Senior producer Jim Boon add, "When you have things like the kids business – which by their own admission they wished they had gotten out of a bit earlier than they did – there's a lot of investment that went into that. Then there's the lynchpin of it all with the uDraw issue. That came out right when Saints Row The Third came out, so here on the one hand is this huge hit for THQ, and everyone's so excited about that, and then here's a $100 million loss as the same time for uDraw."

Volition is now owned by Dead Island publisher Koch Media, so we hope they're in good hands now. You can read the full story here.