Kojima Tweet Seems To Confirm His Involvement In Phantom Pain

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 21, 2013 at 03:00 PM

The mystery regarding just what The Phantom Pain is continues, but a recent tweet from the Metal Gear creator seems to confirm that the speculation that he is involved in the project is true.

Today on Twitter, Kojima began by tweeting about the use of lens flare in the credits in a trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie, saying: "Watched the new trailer of " Star Trek Into Darkness" and found lens flare on the credit part which made me laugh because I used lens flare on my GDC trailer as well. Well we've acknowledged each other that we both share the same fetichism on lens flare, and I guess that's it."

In another tweet, he shared his own use of lens flare, along with a picture of a credit of himself on a video on his laptop (below).

In the larger version of the picture, you can see that the file name for the video is: "TPP_GDC2013_720p_ESRB." Obviously this would seem to suggest that it's a video of the mystery game The Phantom Pain (which has been previously said to be made by the unknown company Moby Dick Studio and mystery man developer Joakim Mogren - who many feel is actually Kojima, "Joakim" being an anagram for "Kojima".)

This is just the latest in the series of links between Kojima, Metal Gear Solid, and The Phantom Pain. Previously, gamers online had pointed out that there were many ties between The Phantom Pain trailer shown at the Spike VGAs and Metal Gear Solid. Recently, a man calling himself Joakim Mogren and wrapped in bandages appeared on GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley. After the show, the NeoGAF message board began to speculate that the man shown on the TV interview was actually a CG creation.

This is all very odd and intriguing. We should know more during GDC. Kojima is slated to give a talk at the Game Developer's Conference entitled "Photorealism Through the Eyes of a Fox: The Core of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes." It should be an enlightening presentation, and likely the most crowded of all of GDC.

Source: Gematsu