Square Enix Reveals Some Staggering Tomb Raider Statistics

by Kayla Herrera on Mar 18, 2013 at 08:00 AM

Since Tomb Raider’s release on March 5, Square Enix has been keeping a close eye on its players, taking note of in-game player statistics from enemies killed to the number of deer hunted.

According to Square, 5,294,879 deer have been killed and 1,417,750 crabs have been captured. These were taken from the mission on the island to help Lara sustain her health by fulfilling her hunger with hunting animals. 

Hunting isn’t all that Lara had to conquer to survive. You had 13,742,891 close calls and dodged enemies 11,067,764 times. 

Lara faced and dispatched 147,675,058 enemies with the bow and salvaged and looted 356,988,302 arrows from conquered enemies. Of those enemies killed with arrows, 20,601,083 were killed by fire arrows. 

Altogether, the players have raided 3,570,956 tombs, making Lara more than just a tomb raider, but making her a survivor. 

Square Enix promises to keep tracking and delivering these fascinating statistics if you, the players, promise to keep tomb raiding.