Ryan Seacrest Announces Draw Something 2 On Twitter

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 18, 2013 at 03:37 PM

This is not a Game Infarcer article. Ryan Seacrest did in fact announce Draw Something 2 on his Twitter account. "I somehow convinced them to give me #DrawSomething2 first," Seacrest's tweet reads.

It could have something to do with Seacrest Productions, Embassy Row, and Sony Pictures Television winning the bidding war to create a pilot television show episode based Zynga's Draw Something license. After Seacrest's tweet hit, Dan Porter, the general manager of Zynga New York, tweeted to confirm Draw Something 2 was "coming soon" and would allow players to draw and connect in new ways.

The image below is Seacrest's Draw Something 2 piece of Mariah and Randy. The sparkles are a nice touch, Ryan.

[special thanks go out to GI reader Shawn Man Monster for the news tip]