Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: March 2013

by Jeff Cork on Mar 18, 2013 at 11:31 AM

As they do each month, our sister site Kongregate has once again provided us with details about their current best offerings. All of these games are playable for free, and the selections and descriptions below have been provided by Kongregate's Rebecca Francis. Give them a chance and let us know what you think in the comments section.


Contract Wars

It can be hard to come by an excellent FPS that you can play right in your browser. This one (seen above) not only features some solid gameplay across multiple maps and modes, but also introduces some RPG elements like leveling and skill trees. That means every contract you complete brings you closer to perfection!

Band of Heroes

Fans of ranged weapons, rejoice! This RPG Shooter is about a rogue and his motley band of unlikely heroes. Control your group of up to five characters in an arcade-style top-down shoot-em-up. Don’t forget to upgrade between rounds!

Renegade Racing

This is the most entertaining racing game we’ve played in a while. Plow your way through 18 creative courses and unlock new cars and abilities by doing stunts. For an added challenge, play through all levels with an ice cream truck! 

Card Monsters

This CCG’s 3D graphics are stunning, and almost as entertaining as the clean and clever card design. Use a myriad of cards to battle players and AI alike, level them  up, repeat! Some great new card sets have just been released, too, adding human characters into the monster mix.


In Bearbarians, you play as one of a group of bears whose village was viciously attacked by menacing pandas. Hone your skills in any one of four classes as you shoot and carve your way to bloody bear victory. Because, let’s face it, no one does death matches like da bears.