[Update] Report: Pokémon DLG Takes A Page From Skylanders Playbook

by Ben Reeves on Mar 15, 2013 at 07:36 AM

[Update] A trailer for the physical toy-based Pokémon game has appeared on the developers' Japanese YouTube page.

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Disney thinks it can capture the magic of Skylanders and now Nintendo does too. The upcoming game Pokémon Scramble U reportedly works like Skylanders in that fans will be able to take real life toys and bring them into a game world.

According to Serebii, a new line of Pokémon toys will launch on April 24, which is when Pokémon Rumble U hits store shelves. These toys use a Near Field Communication technology, similar to Skylanders, which will allow players to bring their toys into the game.

The downloadable Wii U title is called Pokémon Scramble U in Japan, and will cost ¥1800 (around $19), while the individual figures cost ¥200 each (around $2). So far the game hasn't been announced for release outside of Japan, but we'll keep you posted.

[Via: Joystiq]