Crytek Gives Okay To Fan-Made Resurrection Of TimeSplitters

by Matthew Kato on Mar 14, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Fans have been asking for more TimeSplitters ever since original developer Free Radical went under, and now they may get it (sort of) thanks to IP owners Crytek.

Website Cooking With Grenades has details of TimeSplitters Rewind – a game that draws from all three TimeSplitters games to create a new experience centering around multiplayer and the series' Challenge mode – all powered by CryEngine 3. The game is being done by a group of 25 fans who are committed to making the free PC game a reality, with a demo planned for release this December and the game itself hopefully soon thereafter.

Crytek purchased Free Radical in 2009 after the studio had to close its doors, and Crytek subsequently turned it into Crytek U.K.

Head over to Cooking With Grenades for the full interview with project manager Michael Hubicka.


[via The Escapist]