Handcrafted SNK Neo Geo Constructed From Rare Woods

by Ben Reeves on Mar 13, 2013 at 08:29 AM

If the NeoGeo X Gold didn't satisfy your desire for classic video game systems, check out these handcrafted SNK Neo Geo systems made out of rare woods.

Analog Interactive Black Label is a custom service that sounds like an alcohol, but really lets customers select any wood in the entire world to be shaped into a case for the Neo Geo. Check out its extensive list of woods here if you want to challenge them on that. Each system also includes:

  •     Analogue CMVS Slim
  •     (2) Analogue Arcade Sticks
  •     Solid Brass, Black Label Product Tags
  •     S-Video, Composite & Stereo Sound Cable
  •     Power Supply

A Walnut system will run you $649, but the sets look incredible. Let's hope they move their production over to some other classic systems.